SolveMasters is an exclusive collaborative community of autonomous physical therapy private practice owners that have come together from across the nation with common challenges and purpose… to achieve competitive advantage and in doing so create new possibilities and prosperity for their practices and people. SolveMasters is composed of competitive innovators and entrepreneurs with deep competency and broad experience – clinical, business, and leadership.

SolveMasters is not just-one-more physical therapy organization with another-me-too political or academic agenda. We do not seek to change the profession, but rather to claim exciting business opportunity within and beyond it – opportunity that lay beyond the vision and reach of traditional practices.

In doing so, we craft our own destiny and secure our own future. We have chosen to take action rather than react to, and be held back by, the interests of others. We are progressive and pragmatic with a growth mindset. We advance by accelerating our collective capacity to learn, lead, innovate and execute successfully.

SolveMasters Membership is by invitation. Inquire whether you qualify.