Collaborating to Move Musculoskeletal Health
and Science Beyond Tradition

Q. What’s the cost?
A. Nothing. SolveMasters participation is not about buying something, its about investing in your profession, practice, and people…

Q. What’s the risk?
A. Much less than doing nothing. It is increasingly clear that, “What got you here, won’t get you to where you want to go!”

Q. What’s the return on investment?
A. Get your life back and grow. You will measure your ROI in greater resources, opportunity, knowledge, competitive advantage, growth and profitability.

Q. Who owns SolveMasters?
A. Seasoned PT Private Practice owners. SolveMasters Directors are innovators and entrepreneurs recognized for their achievement in practice not politics and academics.

Q. What’s the focus?
A. Clinical, business, and leadership superiority. Practice is about the creation of value – the kind that will bring prosperity to your practice, your people, and the community you serve.

Q. What’s the clinical orientation?
A. Biomechanical – Applied Functional Science and manual therapy. We don’t believe in one-size-fits all protocols. We are professionals that engage our minds, our hands, and our hearts. Our pursuit is professional mastery of our skill set.

Q. Will my practice lose its autonomy?
A. No. Each practice remains autonomous within its market protected by exclusivity. We believe autonomy is at the core of private practice and professionalism.

Q. Can anyone join SolveMasters?
A. No. SolveMasters Membership is highly selective. It is available only to private practice owners who share our passion, vision, values, and collaborative spirit.

Q. Can I join?
A. Contact us – we’ll talk. SolveMasters Membership is by invitation and application. A good fit and mutual benefit is critically important to us. SolveMasters is not about gathering a crowd, so don’t expect a sales pitch. Instead, expect an interview. We are concerned about creating value not members. Our community is highly personal and interactive.